Selling a Home – 3 Important Factors Young Property Group April 5, 2019

Selling a Home – 3 Important Factors

selling a home

Selling a home is serious business. With that in mind, everyone seems to have an opinion or recommendation.

Remember to trust your agent no matter what family or friends recommend. The agent is not only experienced but is here for you and to sell, negotiate and be the intermedium during the selling process.

Real Estate Agent – The Relationship

selling a home

Trusting your agent – this should not be a problem if you have chosen the best agent for you and the home. Most agents are well versed in selling different properties; however, some have added specialities. Selling a farm is much different from selling a residential property. Some agents thrive with selling different classes of properties such as high-end.

This stage is crucial and will require research, but remember meeting a potential agent will not cost you anything. Contact any potential agents, ask for a meet and even an appraisal on the home. Appraisals are typically always free too. By meeting and talking to agents, you can get a feel for the type of person you will be partnering with during this process. Grab as much information on what they can offer and ask as many questions.

If you are still unsure, some key questions to ask:

  • How well will communication be?
  • Past sales and years of experience?
  • Type of marketing used?
  • Auction experience?

If you are interested in a free appraisal of your home and to have some important questions; answered, call Greg today at Young Property Group. More info on Greg Young and the service on offer.

Marketing is Key

There are many options on marketing and packages offered from agents. Spend on marketing is not only essential but also the platforms and channels used during this process. Spend along with chosen marketing areas will significantly affect the amount of interest from buyers.

Back in the old days, you would choose a few areas to advertise. These days buyers are everywhere, whether that be searching using the newspaper, Google or social media, exposure is critical. Therefore utilising many marketing channels and platforms creates a boost effect of interest of buyers across the broad.

Example, selling an acreage/horse property you might also choose to add to real estate websites to advertise with. is Australia’s largest horse property website, so it seems fitting.

Cutting back on marketing spend and cutting out key components will significantly affect the sale of the home long term. If an agent utilises digital marketing, this can not only be very economical but has the best ROI for generating interest and qualified buyers in the first four weeks. Digital marketing also gives the ability to send reports on views, engagements, conversions, URL clicks and much more with every single ad, providing precise data for analysing ROI.

PPC vs Organic
Organic marketing is considered content. This is where people post to their business accounts across social media and other apps. No cost involved other than the time of posting content. Marketing reach and engagement relies on the current state of the business accounts (whoever you are using to advertise with) on social media and other apps. Example, how many users they are currently reaching with each post, how much they engage with their users and of course how often they post. There are also many other factors involved.

PPC is “Pay per click”, simple? A well-formed PPC campaign involves so much more and can run deep with audience creation, accurate reporting and remarketing. Typically you have ad creation (different ad formats for different social media and apps), places to advertise, audience creation, remarketing, how much to spend and much more.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Young Property Group.

Pricing to Perfection

What happens if you price too high? Pricing too high can not only push buyers away but also create high perceived risk in buyers minds. To ensure you attract interest and quality buyers, marketing will play a vital role. When deciding on a price with the agent, consider the agent’s price guide, an experienced agent will have done their homework. The current state of the real estate market must also be taken into account. When presenting the property (images and video), you should spend and have a quality shoot. By doing so, this will allow you to steer the focus away from price and towards the beautiful home and attracting buyers.

Combining quality images, video and the presentation of the property with a positive price will drastically help in generating the first wave of interest. Remember you can always adjust the price later on down the track. However, the longer on the market, the more likely buyers think there is something wrong with the property or move on to new properties listed on the market.

Try to always remember; you are also selling an experience and lifestyle that’s foundation is the home.

Overall, the selection of the agent plays an important role and directly affects the marketing and pricing. Remember to take advantage of meet and greets and free property appraisals.

Young Property Group agents get the support of a marketing team; by doing this, we can ensure not only quality real estate agents but marketing and pricing when selling a home or lifestyle property.