190 McGilchrist Road, PALMWOODS QLD 4555


For Sale

Property Features
  • Cropping
  • 2 bed
  • 1 bath
  • 4 Parking Spaces
  • Land is 20.60 hectare
  • 4 Garage
Rural Features
Soil Types

Brown clay loam and sandy clay loam


Water licences for Eudlo Creek, large dam and 2 x 20,000 ltr tanks

Carrying Capacity

Has carried up to 50 head

Established Landscape Tree Farm

Listing ID: 18835174

Eudlo Waters Tree Farm was established by the current owners in 1997 & has been in operation for years. Throughout that time, it has been supplying established landscaping trees to councils, developers, landscapers & private customers through South East Queensland. With the enormous development planned for not only the Sunshine Coast, but the whole of South East Queensland, this sale offers a genuine opportunity to acquire a well established business & take it to a new level of growth & development. It is the preferred supplier to the Brisbane City Council.

The land area is 20.06 hectares or 49.57 acres & is rectangular in shape & accessed via McGilchrist Road. The property has two creeks running through it from south to north – Eudlo Creek & Acrobat Creek.

The soils are classified as brown Clay loam & sandy clay loam.

Grass types on the property are – Kikuyu grass, Paspalum grass, white clover, Rhodes grass, carpet grass & green couch.

There are approximately 2,500 inground landscaping trees valued between $800 to $2,000 each & approximately 200 native fruit bearing trees. A full list of the tree types & an indication of price can be supplied to interested parties.

With any operation such as this water security is paramount. Irrigation & water supply on the farm is outstanding – 100 metres PVC underground mains run through the farm with 600 metres of 2 inch underground poly pipe fitted with inline filters as sub-mains with individual 19mm (3/4 inch) lines running along each line of trees. These lines are fitted with 8 litres per hour drippers for each tree & have flow taps fitted at the junction points with the 2 inch mains. Mains taps are also fitted to separate irrigation flows if required.

Water is accessed from the main dam & Eudlo Creek. Two current registered water licences are held in the property name allowing water to be taken from Eudlo Creek weir. Further water if needed can be sourced from the 3 smaller dams & 2 small waterholes. In the past this has never been necessary.

Irrigation Pumps consist of a Lister diesel pump in covered pump house, 2 small firefighter diesel pumps with housings & 4 electric pumps in covered pump houses.

The following sheds are located on the property:
• 4 car accommodation steel shed with loft & power -12 x 6m;
• Palm patch steel shed with concrete floor & power – 4.5 x 3m;
• Main machinery steel shed with concrete floor, car lift, 3 phase power (plus add-ons of approx. 9 x 6m plus loft) – 18 x 6m;
• Lock up steel shed with concrete floor – 9 x 6m;
• Four steel shade sheds (with posts set in concrete) -6 X 6m each.

In the past, the owner has grazed up to 50 head of cattle on approximately 15 acres on the eastern boundary of the property with supplementary feeding. This area, would be highly suitable for expansion into a turf farm operation. There is also ample room for the introduction of a bagged tree stock operation & maybe the construction of hot houses for seedlings. A number of other nursery operations are located in the area.

There is a two bedroom, one bathroom comfortable cottage on the property located in a superb garden setting where the owners have lived since the establishment of the farm. The cottage is connected to two 20,000 litre rainwater tanks. This cottage would make an ideal manager’s residence. For those looking for larger accommodation, there are a number of excellent house sites which will give good views across the property.

Portions of the property do experience flooding from Eudlo & Acrobat Creeks, however the owners have constructed a levee bank along a section of the property to mitigate flooding.
McGilchrist Road, runs between Ilkley Road & Dales Road & currently has two gravel sections. A recent Project News dated April 2018 & distributed by the Sunshine Coast Council states the intention by Council to seal these sections of McGilchrist Road. Project number: B3502.

The property & business are being sold on a “Walk In – Walk Out” basis & as such all current equipment, permits & naming rights will go with the sale. A full equipment inventory can be given to interested parties.

There are only a few inground landscaping tree nurserys in QLD & as such this business is ideally suited to capture this growing market. With the unprecedented growth in South East QLD local authorities & developers will want to source established landscape trees from a reliable supplier such as Eudlo Waters Tree Farm. The future for this type of operation is strong & bright.

Since its establishment, the owners have never advertised & all past business has been by word of mouth only. Today, they are forced to sell due to ill health & retirement & as such this is a genuine sale with a genuine business opportunity. This property must be sold!

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